Cash Transactions

We process cash transaction at our post offices.


Cash Transactions

Make cash transactions at the post office, in which your account is opened.

Cash deposit:

  • deposit money in your account or that of another customer of “Latvijas Pasts”
  • transfer money to the accounts of legal persons or individuals at domestic or foreign credit institutions
  • pay for electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, rent, building management, heating, plumbing, Internet, television, and other services

Pay-out of cash:

  • withdraw cash
  • we issue orders books for cash transaction, for example, for more convenient payment of salaries to employees

The money is delivered to the person, indicated as the recipient in the payment order.

Card Payments

Make card payments at a post office:

  • deposit money to your PSS account with a payment card
  • deposit money to another person's PSS account with a payment card


Cash transaction

Type of service EUR
Bill payment by scanning a bar code (giro payments) 0.60

Cash deposit to an account

  • to your account
  • to another person's account
  • to anothers person's account for payment for COD items*
  • to another person's account, reading a bar code meeting the standart of  "Latvijas Pasts"

free of charge

Withdrawal of cash from account

  • from an individual's account
  • from an account of a legal entity:
    - up to EUR 1.500
    - over EUR 1.500


0.1% of the amount, min. 0.75
1% of the amount, min. 3.00
2% of the amount

Prior announcement on withdrawal of cash free of charge
Payment with a cash deposit to a credit institution of Latvia 1% of the amount, min.1.75


Payment card transactions

Type of service EUR
Deposit funds to an account opened at “Latvijas Pasts” with a payment card  
    - to your account 2% of the amount, min. 0.85
- to another person's account 2% of the amount, min. 0.85

Additional services

Additional services are not subject to value-added tax.

Type of service EUR
Issuing an order book to legal entities  
- 50 orders 2.85
- 25 orders 1.42
Locking an order book free of charge
Unlocking an order book 1.42
Annulment of a payment order 7.11





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