To mark the 48th World Post Day, Latvijas Pasts holds a meeting of postcard sending enthusiasts


To mark the 48th World Post Day, Latvijas Pasts holds a meeting of postcard sending enthusiasts

To celebrate the 48th World Post Day, Latvijas Pasts is holding a meeting of postcard sending enthusiasts. The event will allow the participants to share their experiences about sending postcards, to send postcards and to learn interesting facts about the process of making postcards and other paper goods. The meeting is scheduled to take place in NicePlace Telpa at 21a K.Barona Street (courtyard), Riga at 4 PM on the 6th of October 2017. 

The postal establishments of the 192 member countries of the Universal Postal Union employ more than 5 million people, and one of these establishments is Latvijas Pasts with over 4,200 employees: postmen, post office operators, couriers, item processing workers, drivers, specialists in logistics, international relations and information technology, as well as representatives of a number of other necessary occupations who take care of the delivery of several tens of millions of items to addressees from year to year. 

In honour of the industry celebration, Latvijas Pasts traditionally gathers together postcard sending enthusiasts during this period to promote the practice of sending postcards and provide greater insight into the activities of Latvijas Pasts. As usual, the meeting will take place in a creative setting, inviting everyone who likes to send and receive postcards from around the world. 

Latvijas Pasts will provide all the attending participants with the opportunity to send their message to a pen pal and get to know the creative work of the artist Zane Ernštreite. Zane Ernštreite is a book artist, graphic artist and designer of NicePlace postcards and other paper goods that enjoy a great deal of popularity among postcard sending enthusiasts. This year Z. Ernštreite has also established the letterpress print workshop Papīrpele (Papermouse), which creates various paper goods using the ancient and still unmatched letterpress technique.

Since 2010 Latvijas Pasts has brought together people who take interest in the tradition of sending postcards, particularly attracting the attention of young people and collectors.

About SJSC Latvijas Pasts

Latvijas Pasts ensures the widest availability of postal services throughout Latvia by maintaining more than 600 post offices. The primary function of the company is provision of the universal postal service; Latvijas Pasts also provides commercial transport, express mail, payment, press subscription, retail and philatelic services. Latvijas Pasts is a wholly State-owned company with more than 4,200 employees. The quality measurements of Latvijas Pasts domestic mail deliveries are regularly conducted by Kantar TNS, one of the leading market, social and media research agencies in Latvia. In turn, the quality measurements of the cross-border deliveries are provided within the framework of the International Post Corporation through the intermediary of the research companies Kantar TNS, Ipsos and Quotas.

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