Fast pick-up counters for quicker receipt of items have been set up in the busiest post offices in Riga, Pierīga, Jelgava and Jēkabpils


Fast pick-up counters for quicker receipt of items have been set up in the busiest post offices in Riga, Pierīga, Jelgava and Jēkabpils

In order to provide more efficient customer service and faster processing of postal services, since October 2017 Latvijas Pasts has increased the number of the post offices where additional staff has been brought on to ensure the delivery of items without delivery charges and fast pick-up counters have been set up, which operate for two hours every workday during the busiest period of servicing the customers. Fast pick-up counters have now been set up in a total of 18 post offices in Riga, Pierīga (Greater Riga area), Jelgava and Jēkabpils.

Taking into account the increase in the amount of inbound international items, special fast pick-up counters operate in a number of the most frequently visited post offices so that customers can collect postal items during two hours every workday without having to wait in the general queue for postal services. Since October fast pick-up counters aimed directly at delivery of items have been operating in already 18 post offices in Riga, Pierīga, Jelgava and Jēkabpils.

Using the fast pick-up counters, where no other services are available during the two hours with the biggest influx of customers every workday, it is possible to receive registered letters, small packets and parcels not requiring the payment of the customs duty or cash-on-delivery charges.

Along with the development of the service related to e-commerce items, Latvijas Pasts received 5.5 million inbound international items from January to September this year, and this is by 1.2 million units more than in the same period in 2016.

Analysing the current situation regarding the acceptance and delivery of items, as well as the provision of other postal services in the busiest months at the end of the year, Latvijas Pasts will assess the need for additional changes aimed at improving the customer service in the post offices.

A detailed list of all the post offices with fast pick-up counters and the opening hours of those counters can be viewed here

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