New service for more convenient receipt of registered small packets: a post office box in the post office


  New service for more convenient receipt of registered small packets: a post office box in the post office

Ensuring more accessible postal services and opportunities for faster receipt of items, Latvijas Pasts has started offering a new service: the receipt of registered (signed for) small packets in a post office box (PO box). The new service can be ordered free of charge by any private person or legal entity that already uses a PO box in the post office or wants to start subscription to a PO box specifically for more convenient receipt of small packets. This type of receiving small packets is especially advantageous for customers who often shop in online stores.

A PO box in the post office can be used to receive all ordinary items and press obtained by subscription that are addressed to the PO box. In turn, if the customer chooses to apply for the new service, the PO box can also be used to receive registered small packets provided that their size fits the size of the box. If the size of the small packet is larger than the standard PO box, which is 23.5 x 8 x 37.5 cm, the customer will receive the invitation in the box to collect the item from the post office operator. The PO box is not intended for delivery of small packets with advice of delivery, with the mark Customs Cargo, those sent cash-on-delivery, with the mark Deliver to the Addressee Only and insured small packets. 

Any private person or legal entity that has already subscribed to a PO box in the post office or plans to start using such a box may apply for the new service free of charge. The minimum subscription period for the service is one month, and it starts on the fifth business day after submitting the application.

The new service is particularly convenient for customers who regularly use the opportunity to shop online and receive a lot of registered small packets through the post. In order for the customer to ensure the possibility to receive the items addressed to him or her in the PO box without making an additional payment for the redirection of the items, the customer must indicate his or her name and surname or the name of the legal entity, the PO box number and the postal code of the post office in the delivery address field when shopping in the online store and placing the order.

Subscribers of PO boxes may also activate other additional paid services: if the customer wants to receive a notification about each item placed in the PO box on his or her e-mail or mobile phone, it is possible to use the E-notification service. In turn, the customers who require the delivery of all correspondence addressed to them to the PO box must choose the service Redirection of Correspondence.

The development of the new service is linked with the approach of Latvijas Pasts towards a more convenient and faster system of the delivery of items to customers, ensuring their receipt without having to wait in the general flow in the post office.

Detailed information about the PO boxes, options for receiving registered items and additional services is available here, while here you can see a list of the post offices where this service is available.


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