Riga post office No. 84 starts operation as the first customer service facility of the new model


Riga post office No. 84 starts operation as the first customer service facility of the new model

Riga post office No. 84 has opened its doors after the reconstruction: this is the first Latvijas Pasts post office where the work will be organised in accordance with modern principles, ensuring a more friendly environment and service for customers. The post office will also serve as a training centre for new employees under the guidance of mentors. Latvijas Pasts employees in this post office are wearing a uniform of a new design created by the designer Dace Bahmane-Krieviņa.

Riga post office No. 84 at 52 Ūnijas Street has been selected as the first post office of the new model taking into consideration its location and layout of premises. From now on the customer service in this post office will be organised using the principles different from the ones that have been used here so far: a postal employee will welcome the customer and provide the necessary assistance, giving advice, providing explanations and, if necessary, helping to fill in the documents required for receiving the service.

The introduction of modern principles in the customer service will improve the speed of service provision, reducing the time that visitors spend on communicating with the operator and performing the actions that will be completed within the new model already before the cashier service. The post office of the new model will also have a special function for training the new employees of Latvijas Pasts in real environment, which will be implemented under the supervision of mentors.

As a result of the reconstruction Riga post office No. 84 has undergone significant visual and conceptual transformations in terms of both the environment accessibility and the retail offer. The post office is easily accessible to new parents, bicyclists and visitors with restricted mobility, and it is fitted with a special lower counter for servicing the customers who use wheelchairs. Furthermore, post office No. 84 is the fourth new-parents-friendly post office of Latvijas Pasts with a custom design children’s corner made of Latvian wood and the ninth post office, next to which bicycle racks of a special design are installed.

In turn, the customer area includes a retail shop, and it is planned to provide customers with an opportunity to pay for the goods purchased there at the information stand, without having to wait in the general queue for the postal services.

Latvijas Pasts employees serve customers in the postal office of the new model dressed in a specially designed uniform: it is made in a unifying and business-like style, which has been created by one of the leading Latvian fashion designers D.Bahmane-Krieviņa.

In 2017 Latvijas Pasts has started to implement a number of projects aimed at creating a more favourable environment for customers, such as new parents-friendly post offices, safe bicycle racks of a special design and a multi-functional customer flow management system that enables customers to apply for postal services in a post office remotely, using the Latvijas Pasts mobile app in their smartphones.

The indoor premises of Riga post office No. 84 after reconstruction can be seen here


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