Latvijas Pasts starts to notify customers about the receipt of ordinary international small packets through mobile text messages


Latvijas Pasts starts to notify customers about the receipt of ordinary international small packets through mobile text messages

To accelerate the delivery of ordinary cross-border small packets, Latvijas Pasts has started to send invitations regarding the receipt of items at the post office to the mobile phone number specified by the customer. In order for this system to function effectively, Latvijas Pasts urges all customers who process their items in local and international Internet shopping systems to always indicate the exact mobile phone number. As the busiest period of the year has now begun for postal establishments and freight carriers all around the world, Latvijas Pasts would like to recall that items must be made up and sent in a timely manner. When planning the delivery time of the item, it is important to take into account the distance to the addressee’s country and indicate the correct address, as well as the exact name and surname of the addressee.

To speed up and simplify the process of delivery of items, Latvijas Pasts has started to introduce a new system for delivery of invitations to collect ordinary cross-border small packets that cannot be placed in the addressee’s letter-box due to their size. Until now, addressees have received invitations for such items in their letter-boxes, while in the future the invitation will be sent in a text message format, provided that the exact mobile phone number of the addressee is indicated on the item. 

Therefore, Latvijas Pasts encourages the customers who place their orders in international Internet stores to make sure that their mobile phone number is also indicated in the addressee’s field, otherwise the invitation will be delivered to the addressee’s letter-box in the traditional paper format. If the addressee fails to collect the small packet within seven days from the date of sending the text message, the invitation will be delivered to the addressee’s letter-box on the eighth day. More information about the delivery of invitations in the form of a text message can be found here.       

November and December is a very intensive period of work for postal establishments throughout the world as the volume of postal items increases several times. In order for an addressee to receive the greetings and gifts in a timely manner, Latvijas Pasts urges the customers to prepare and make up their items in time.

The most important thing to be taken into consideration is the distance to the addressee’s country: the farther the destination, the longer the item is likely to travel, especially if there is no direct air traffic between the countries and the item moves in transit from one country to another. It should be noted that items from stores in China and other Asian countries travel to Latvia in transit via postal operators of different countries, and the shipping time during the pre-holiday period may increase even more due to a growth in the volume of items. Delays may also be caused by cargo shipment congestion at the airports around the world.

Items between the European countries may also travel longer if the postal operator of the country of dispatch does not choose to use direct air traffic for the delivery of the items, but routes the items from one country to another in the way most efficient to it, including through cargo transportation by road. In this case the item may get delayed in transit for up to two weeks.

It is equally important to specify the accurate address and make sure that the stamps of a suitable face value are affixed to the item. The essential parts of the address are the correctly written street name, house or apartment number and also the postal code. If the postal code is indicated incorrectly, the item will reach the addressee sooner or later, but it will travel longer as items are primarily sorted based on the postal code specified. The needed face value of the stamp will be accurately determined by the postal employees, but if the sender affixes the stamp himself or herself, it is recommended to check the relevant details in the pricelist, which can be found on the website of Latvijas Pasts, or use the available service calculator, which is a handy tool for calculating the cost of sending the item.

There are a number of advantages of choosing to send a registered postal item: such an item can be tracked at all stages of its forwarding through the item tracking system of Latvijas Pasts or through the relevant country’s item tracking system. The customer can follow the route of domestic postal items from the sender to the addressee, while cross-border postal items can be tracked depending on the information published by the country of destination. In case of loss or damage of registered items, the customer is eligible for appropriate indemnity according to the Universal Postal Convention.

Latvijas Pasts would like to remind you that the last day for delivery of items before Christmas this year is the 22nd of December and for delivery before the turn of the year – the 29th of December. 


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