Latvijas Pastsadds Peony to philatelic collection

The first day event of the stamp Flowers - Peonies will take place on March 26 in Riga, in the post office Sakta.

The face value of the new stamp is LVL 0.35, its print run - 1,000,000 stamps. The stamp's creator is artist Lilija Dinere.

Stamp collectors, the media and other philatelic enthusiasts will be welcomed at 9:00 AM in the post office Sakta, 32 Brīvības Boulevard, for the first day ceremony with a special cancellation.

An exhibition of stamps dedicated to peonies will take place in China this summer, and the stamp issued in Latvia will be included in the catalog published for the occasion.

A stamp was previously dedicated to the Eastern pasqueflower in 2005 as part of the Protected Flowers series.

The peony is a perennial plant widespread in Latvia and originating in China. Curative properties are ascribed to the peony in many countries of the world.

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