Participants of New Wave receive personalized stamps

Today, on July 20, participants of the young performers' contest New Wave 2010 receive their personalized stamps in a special cancellation event.

Each participant of the music contest will receive their own personalized stamp; correspondingly, 20 different personalized stamps were prepared.

The personalized stamp service My Stamp offered by Latvijas Pastsis an opportunity to create a genuine stamp on any freely selected topic.

With the My Stampservice, Latvijas Pasts provides high-quality stamp printing, while the client chooses the design. Private clients may wish to create a stamp using a photograph from a celebration, wedding or graduation day, while companies are mainly interested in promoting their brand or a specific product. The image must comply with the legal requirements and ethical standards of the Republic of Latvia.

Personalized stamps are being chosen by more and more companies and individual clients, proving that this service is interesting and needed. My Stamp is special as an exclusive service made available to everyone.

To create a stamp, the desired image must be uploaded on the website developed for this service:www.manapastmarka.lv.

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