Latvijas Pastsinvites to view unique stamp collection

Today, on September 8, the exhibition "Fly, little carrier pigeon!" will be opened in theNational History Museum of Latvia (NHML). Theexhibition presents a part of the unique Latvijas Pasts stamp collection, which has been gathered since 1918 and contains original stamps of more than 200 countries.

Edmunds Bebrišs, Head of the Philatelic Department at Latvijas Pasts: "The unique stamp collection has been formed ever since Latvia entered the Universal Postal Union in 1918 and Latvijas Pasts started providing postal services. Countries agreed to exchange their issued stamps, which resulted in each country acquiring an international stamp collection."

Anita Meinarte, Deputy Director for Collection at NHML, adds: "The main theme and goal of the exhibition is using stamps and money to show history in the period between two significant turning points - world wars. Both of these events brought drastic changes to the political map of the world; new states and empires were born, others vanished, colonies liberated themselves. By displaying this important collection of Latvijas Pasts, we wish to talk about the history of mankind."

Today the collection of Latvijas Pasts consists of stamps from over 200 countries, and visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to view approximately 180 originals. The collection was last displayed to a broader audience in 1998.

It will be possible to visit the exhibition "Fly, little carrier pigeon!" from September 9 to October 17 in the premises of the National History Museum of Latvia (Riga, 3 Pils Square). Latvijas Pasts urges everyone not to miss the unique exhibition, as stamps are an important national symbol and witnesses to history.

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