Latvijas Pastsissues stamp dedicated to Užava Lighthouse

The first day ceremony of the stamp Užava Lighthouse, issued as part of the Latvian Lighthouses series, will be held by Latvijas Pasts on 15 October 2010 in the post office Sakta.

The new stamp, designed by artist Arta Ozola-Jaunarāja, displays Užavas Lighthouse in dunes at the sea. The background is a map with the location of the lighthouse marked. The stamp's face value is LVL 0.98, print run - 118,000.

A first day envelope and special cancellation will be issued along with the stamp.

The envelope displays a part of the world map with the locations of Užava and the lighthouse marked, on a background of a pine tree forest. An interesting detail is the glass bottle with a model sailing ship inside. The first-day cancellation shows the silhouette of the lighthouse.

The stamp's first day event will take place in the post office Sakta in Riga, 32 Brīvības Boulevard, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Seven stamps have already been issued in the Latvian Lighthouses series - Liepāja Lighthouse (2009), Akmeņrags Lighthouse (2008), Pape Lighthouse (2007), Mērsrags Lighthouse (2006), Daugavgrīva Lighthouse (2005), Miķeļbāka Lighthouse (2004) and Kolka Lighthouse(2003).

Užava Lighthouse is situated in the Užava parish of Ventspils municipality, at a distance of 18 km from Ventspils City and 3 km from Užava. The lighthouse first began operation in 1879, but was almost entirely destroyed during the First World War. The restoration was completed in 1925, while 1994 saw major repairs of the tower and the building. The height of the lighthouse is 21 meters; the light signal is visible at a height of 46.5 m. Užava Lighthouse is open to the public.

The next new stamp issue is planned for November 12.

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