Latvijas Pastsissues commemorative envelope for 175th anniversary of the birth of Krišjānis Barons

The first day event of the anniversary envelope Krišjānis Barons - 175 issued by Latvijas Pasts will take place on Sunday, October 31, in post office No. 50 of Riga.

The anniversary envelope displays a portrait of the prominent Latvian writer and publicist Krišjāņis Barons, also known as the Father of the Dainas. The special cancellation issued along with the envelope is the image of Barons' signature. The envelope and special cancellation, designed by artist Ģirts Grīva, contain the text Krišjānis Barons - 175.

The special cancellation ceremony of the anniversary envelope will take place on Sunday, October 31, which is the day of birth of the writer. Everyone can purchase the envelope with the special cancellation at post office No. 50 of Riga in 2 Station Square (shopping mall Origo), from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

The greatest contribution of Krišjānis Barons (1835-1923) to the history of the Latvian nation and culture is his work in the field of folklore and his systemized collection of folk songs. Barons also worked in the areas of journalism and language. The popular articles of Barons laid the foundations of the popular science style of literary Latvian language.

The next new stamp issue is planned for November 12.

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