Latvijas Pastsbecomes involved in Postcrossing project

On December 16, Latvijas Pasts opened the first Postcrosser meeting in Latvia. By becoming involved in the Postcrossing project, the company hopes to restore the traditions of mailing postcards, and particularly to attract the attention of young people and collectors.

More than 900 postcard senders have become participants of the international Postcrossing project. As the number of participants is constantly growing, Latvijas Pasts decided to organize the first meeting of Postcrossing enthusiasts in Latvia.

Liene Dobele, Head of Marketing Communications Department at Latvijas Pasts: "The Postcrossing project is an interesting way of visiting many places in the world, getting to know the culture of other nations, and perhaps even making new friends. We decided to organize the meeting in Latvia for the most active Postcrossers in Latvia to share their experience and impressions, as well as to attract the interest of new participants to this hobby."

Almost 30 Postcrossers participated in the meeting, taking the chance to get acquainted with one another, share impressions and show off their favorite, most beautiful and exotic postcards.

Zane Rušeniece, one of the most active Postcrossers in Latvia: "I first became interested in postcards five years ago, while I was studying in Poland. I was sending postcards to my family. After returning home, I came across the Postcrossing project on the internet and saw a chance to expand my postcard collection. I have now received a total of 850 postcards thanks to Postcrossing. My goal is to collect a postcard from every country in the world."

Latvijas Pastsalso decided to supplement its collection of international postcards, so on the day of the event we received our first address and mailed a postcard to Ottsville, Pennsylvania (US). Now we will look forward to receiving our own first postcard before mailing the next.

Postcrossing is an international project allowing participants to send and receive real (non-electronic) postcards from all over the world. People of all ages can become Postcrossers, and participation in the project is free of charge - except for the postage fees.

After mailing a postcard, the sender can be confident of receiving at least one postcard in return - perhaps from a Postcrosser living in the other side of the world. The question of why get involved in this project has a very simple answer - there are many people all around the world who love receiving real letters. The anticipation and excitement upon receiving a postcard from a place that you never have and perhaps never will visit can turn a mailbox into a real box of surprises!

Becoming a Postcrosser does not demand any special knowledge or resources. Upon registering onwww.postcrossing.com and receiving the address of an unknown recipient, the new user sends the first postcard - for example, of his or her city. When the postcard has been mailed, all that is left to do is wait for your own first postcard to arrive. When the postcard has been received, register it at www.postcrossing.com and look for your next postcard pal.

Photos from the event.

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