Latvijas Pastsissues new stamps in stamp series Coats of Arms of Latvian Cities and Municipalities

On Friday, February 25, the first day event of the stamps Carnikava and Ikšķile - the new additions to the series Coats of Arms of Latvian Cities and Municipalities - will take place in the post offices of Carnikava and Ikšķile.

The stamps, designed by artist Ģirts Grīva, display the coats of arms of Carnikava and Ikšķile municipalities.

The print run of the Carnikava stamp is 500,000 stamps, face value - LVL 0.98; the print run of Ikšķile consists of 1,000,000 stamps, while its face value is LVL 0.35.

The new stamps are accompanied by a first-day envelope and two different special cancellations. The envelope also depicts the map of Latvia, as well as the coats of arms of the municipalities of Carnikava and Ikšķile. The special cancellations show the contour of Latvia and the locations of both municipalities on the map.

Daiga Jurēvica, chair of Carnikavas municipality council: "The release of the stamp dedicated to Carnikava municipality, when we are about to celebrate the eight hundredth anniversary of Carnikava. Lamprey fishing has always been of great importance to the economy at the mouth of River Gauja. Thanks to the Lamprey Festival, which will take place for the tenth time in Carnikava, Carnikava is known in Latvia as the "lamprey capital". That's why the lamprey is depicted in the coat of arms of Carnikava municipality, which has now been made into a stamp through the collaboration of Latvijas Pasts and the local government."

The first day event of the stamps in Carnikava post office (7 Stacijas Street, Carnikava) will take place from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM; a presentation ceremony will be held at 12:00, with participation of representatives of Carinkava council and Latvijas Pasts. The first day event at Ikšķile post office (33 Birzes Street, Ikšķile) will take place from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Carnikava is a populated area and the center of Carnikava municipality in western Vidzeme, near the entry of River Gauja into the Gulf of Riga. Carnikava first appears in print in the Chronicle of Henry of Livonia in 1211 as a place of gathering of the Livonian army. Historically, Carnikava has developed as a place populated by fishermen and fish processers . Today, the village of Carnikava can take pride in the beautiful and tidy center, nice walkways and lovely park.

Ikšķile is a town and municipal center in the south-west part of Vidzeme at River Daugava; it can be considered one of the oldest towns in the territory of Latvia. In 1185, Ikšķile became the center of the Diocese of Livonia. At the end of the 12th century, a Catholic mission to convert Livonians was commenced by the Augustinian monk Meinhard of the Segeberg Abbey. As the village of Ikšķile was situated in a location of strategic importance, Meinhard built a stone fortress (1185) and church (1186) for the protection of himself and the new converts. These were the first known stone buildings in the Baltics.

New stamps have been regularly added to the stamp series Coats of Arms of Latvian Cities and Municipalities since 1994.

The next new stamp issue is planned for March25.

Photos from the first day event in Carnikava!

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