Latvijas Pastsdedicates special envelope to memory of victims of Communist genocide

In remembrance of the victims of the Communist genocide, Latvijas Pasts has released commemorative envelope Litene - 70. The first day cancellation event for the commemorative envelope will take place on the 70th anniversary of commemoration - on Tuesday, June 14, in the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, 1 Strēlnieku Square, Riga, from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Artist Rolands Vēgners has incorporated photos in the commemorative envelope showing the summer camp of the Latvian Army in Litene - barracks on a concrete foundation and soldiers in formation. The first-day envelope and special cancellation graphically depict a camp guard tower. One thousand commemorative envelopes will be released.

Gundega Michele, Director of the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia: "The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, in collaboration with Latvijas Pasts, has created a commemorative envelope and cancellation Litene - 70. The serial number of this commemorative cancellation is 352, but in the history of national philately, it is the first one after the restoration of independence that is dedicated to the subject of occupation of Latvia."

The summer camp of the Latvian Army in Litene is connected with historic events - the repressions of totalitarian regimes against the Latvian nation and army. On June 14, 1941, 540 officers of the former Latvian Army were arrested in the Litene and Ostrovieši camps and deported to Siberia. Today there are three memorial sites in the territory of the Litene camp: a tomb of the executed victims of the Nazi mass terror with a monument; Tomb of the Unknown Solider; and a memorial to the soldiers of the former Latvian army killed in the Litene and Ostrovieši camps in June 1941.

See a picture of the commemorative envelopehere.

The next new stamp issue is planned for July 4.

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