Latvijas Pastspublishes new stamp and special postcard in History of Latvian Railroad series

On the 92nd anniversary of the national railway company of Latvia, Latvijas Pasts has issued a new stamp and first-day postcard with a special cancellation in the series History of Latvian Railroad. The first day event for the new stamp and postcard will take place on Friday, August 5, in the Latvian Railway History Museum, 2/4 Uzvaras Boulevard, Riga, from 10 AM to 5 PM.

The author of the stamp and postcard dedicated to Latvia railway is artist Ludis Danilāns. Both the stamp and postcard depict a passenger railroad car of the lowest III class, built in the 1920s in the Republic of Latvia. Using a design developed by the Central Railroad Administration in 1925, a total of 196 passenger cars were built until 1931 in shops of joint-stock company Fēnikss and Liepāja Naval Port - 146 of them were class III cars. The cars were characterized by a peculiar design with narrow ends, which made them stand out among other rolling stock. Durability of the cars was ensured by the modern construction with an iron frame, at that time still rare in railroad car design.

The face value of one stamp is LVL 0.33, corresponding to the cost of mailing a postcard within Latvia. The print run consists of 200,000 stamps. It will be possible to purchase the stamp and postcard in all post offices of Latvijas Pasts starting August 5.

The new stamp is the third and final one in the History of Latvian Railroad. Collection. Latvijas Pasts issued a stamp with the locomotive Kurland in 2009 and one with a locomotive of the RP series in 2010.

The postage stamp and postcard can be viewed athttp://flic.kr/p/a9BtXz and http://flic.kr/p/a9BtVr

The next new stamp issue is planned for August 22.

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