This year, Latvijas Pasts is expanding the stamp series Birds of Latvia with two new and beautiful stamps - the Icterine Warbler and the Snake Eagle. The first-day event of the stamps will take place on Friday, September 23, in post office Sakta, 32 Brīvības Boulevard, Riga, from 7:30 AM to 8 PM.

In the newly issued stamps Icterine Warbler and Snake Eagle, artist Ģirts Grīva has depicted the beautiful birds found also in the territory of Latvia. The stamp with the image of the Icterine Warbler is particularly notable, as this bird has not previously been depicted in a stamp of any other country; therefore, it could be of particular interest to collectors.

The face value of the stamp Icterine Warbler is LVL 0.35 (corresponding to the cost of mailing a regular letter within Latvia), its print run - 800,000 stamps. The denomination of Snake Eagle is LVL 0.98 (corresponding to the cost of mailing a registered letter within Latvia), with a print run of 300,000 stamps.

The stamps are accompanied by a release of two first-day envelopes and special cancellations. The envelopes show the Icterine Warbler and the Snake Eagle in their typical environment, while the cancellation depicts each bird graphically.

Latvijas Pasts commenced the Birds of Latvia series in 2010 by issuing the stamps European Roller and Eagle-owl.

The Icterine Warbler (Hippolais icterina) is a small songbird, found in the territory of Latvia from early spring to fall. The bird is most frequently found in bushes of woodland, as well as in parks and gardens; it loves being near water. Like other warblers, the Icterine Warbler is insectivorous, but also takes other food items, such as berries. The Icterine Warbler's song sounds like a fast murmur.

The Snake Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) is a bird of prey mainly found in Latvia in the eastern part of the country. Snake eagles nest in forests alternating with open plains, in Latvia - in forests at high marshes. The bird's prey is mostly snakes, but also some lizards, amphibians, birds and mammals. The Snake Eagle calls out more frequently than many other diurnal birds; it has a whistle-like call.

The next new philatelic issue is planned for October 1.

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