Advertising at Post Offices

We offer the opportunity of using post offices in order to promote your services and products and increase your sales, as well as to organize direct sales activities.


You have access to a wide audience, for almost half of the residents of Latvia (43% of the population of Latvia aged 18-74 years) have visited a post office at least once, and the possibility to directly address the people of the particular territory.

The services let you introduce products thoroughly (brochures, catalogues, product samples, direct contact) and expand your company's customer service spots.

To use services “Advertising at post offices”, conclude an agreement.


Ad Placement Services

Services that are offered at all post offices:

  • placement of A2 size posters;
  • placement of brochures and leaflets;
  • placement of small stands (maximum dimensions – length 70 cm, width 30cm, height 50cm);
  • handing out promotional material, when a customer makes a purchase at the post office.
  • advertisement on the cash register clients sreen

Services that are offered at selected post offices:

  • placement of big stands (maximum dimensions – length 100 cm, width 50cm, height 200cm);
  • advertising on TV monitors (no sound).

Promotional materials must be delivered to “Latvijas Pasts” 5 days prior to the first day of placement.


Sales Promotion and Survey Activities

Organise presentations, tastings, distribution of promotional materials and carry out surveys of visitors of the post office.


To learn about the service rates, please contact our sales department by calling 67008002 or writing an e-mail to








Central information line of postal offices