Latvijas Pasts invites everyone to send season’s greetings or letters to Father Christmas from Greeting House in Dome Square


Latvijas Pasts invites everyone to send season’s greetings or letters to Father Christmas from Greeting House in Dome Square

On Saturday, November 28, the Greeting House of Latvijas Pasts is opening its doors to visitors at the annual Christmas market in Dome Square. The Greeting House will be open until December 31. Latvijas Pasts invites everyone to send a holiday greeting or a letter to Father Christmas embellishing it with the beautiful and unique Christmas stamps and a special Greeting House cancellation. 

The Greeting House of Latvijas Pasts will be open every day from 10 AM to 8 PM until December 30, and from 10 AM to 2 PM on December 31. Any addressee will particularly enjoy a greeting sent from the holiday market with the new Christmas stamps released by Latvijas Pasts and designed by the Estonian artist Indrek Ilves in a very bright style to match the Christmas mood. The new stamps will also be a pleasant surprise for customers who send a lot of greetings, because this year the stamps will have a self-adhesive base. The first-day cancellation of the Christmas stamps will take place in the shopping mall Origo on December 3.

This year, the Greeting House will offer a bigger selection of one or two-sided Christmas postcards in addition to the opportunity of purchasing calendars for the next year, souvenirs and stamps. After December 3, when Latvijas Pasts is issuing the last stamp in 2015, visitors to the Greeting House will have the chance to buy a set of all stamps released this year. At the Greeting House, it will also be possible to send gifts purchased in the Dome Square market and receive information about the services of Latvijas Pasts.

Latvijas Pasts reminds every child to remember to write and send a letter to Father Christmas and urges their parents to make sure that the correct address is indicated on the letter and stamps with suitable denomination are affixed, so that the letter successfully reaches the destination.

All letters sent by children to Father Christmas will be delivered by Latvijas Pasts to the mailbox of Father Christmas’s office in Latvia. If the recipient indicated on the letter is Santa Claus or Grandfather Frost, the letter will go to Finland or Russia, respectively. For the letter to reach Father Christmas’s mailbox, the correct address must be indicated and stamps with suitable denomination must be affixed. A regular letter to Father Christmas in Latvia can be sent by using a stamp with a denomination of € 0.50, to Santa Claus in Finland – with a denomination of € 0.78 and to Grandfather Frost in Russia – with a denomination of € 0.85

Father Christmas’s address
Ziemassvētku vecītis Rūķupē
Ziemupes pasts,
Vērgales pagasts,
Pāvilostas novads,

Santa Claus’s address
Santa Claus 
Arctic Circle 

Grandfather Frost’s address:
Вологодская область
Город Великий Устюг
Дом Деда Мороза

Latvijas Pasts wishes everyone a peaceful and happy Advent and reminds that the last mail delivery date before the holidays is December 23, 2015. To make sure that the Christmas mail reaches the addressees on time, Latvijas Pasts urges not to put off the sending of greetings and gifts to the last minute.

The new stamps issued by Latvijas Pasts in the Christmas series can be viewed here, while the Greeting House cancellation is available for viewing here.


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