Latvijas Pasts creates a personalised delivery service for sending Printful commercial items to Germany


Latvijas Pasts creates a personalised delivery service for sending Printful commercial items to Germany

In response to the changes that have taken place over the last two years in the demand for item delivery and the limitations of technical possibilities during the pandemic, Latvijas Pasts has developed a personalised commercial item delivery service. It provides an alternative delivery route, ensuring that items are delivered as quickly as possible. The domestic printing company Printful, whose products are delivered by Latvijas Pasts from its factory in Mārupe to its end recipients in Germany within 72 hours, expresses its appreciation for the service under the pilot project.

“Our company started working on individual solutions tailored to the needs of a specific customer before the pandemic. It was already clear back then that both the portfolio of services and the quality of services had to be expanded in order to remain competitive. But the past two years, which have been particularly challenging in terms of transport, logistics and item delivery, have forced us to adapt to the new market conditions and redesign our business model faster. This is a positive step, as evidenced by our new service, in which, by adapting the logistics solution to the needs of the customer, Printful, we have shown that we are able to deliver items faster than many international delivery companies. We are committed to continuing this path of business development,” Mārcis Vilcāns, Chairman of the Board of Latvijas Pasts, reveals.

The new personalised Latvijas Pasts solution for delivery of commercial items is based on an in-depth study of the customer’s needs and the application of the logistics solution to the specific nature of demand. For example, in the pilot project, Printful has set a challenging delivery time of 72 hours, wishing to speed up the delivery of its items to end customers in Germany. Having analysed various external conditions that affect the speed of delivery of international commercial items, specialists of Latvijas Pasts, have calculated that the fastest way to deliver items is by road transport of Latvijas Pasts. Its efficiency has also been proven in real life, delivering Printful items in Germany in less than three days.

“Printful operates in e-commerce, and fast delivery is one of our primary needs. Two years ago, when the pandemic broke out, the number of orders grew rapidly and the challenge was to deliver orders to customers quickly and seamlessly. This caused problems for many delivery service providers, whereas Latvijas Pasts immediately sought a solution so that our items would reach the customers in the shortest possible time. Germany is one of Printful’s largest and most important European markets. In order for us to be competitive in Germany, the speed of item delivery is crucial. By tailoring the item delivery service to the needs of our company, Latvijas Pasts has clearly demonstrated that it is a reliable partner who is able to adapt and understand the customer’s wishes. This is very important to us,” says Raivis Pētersons, Regional Director of Operations – Europe at Printful.

Andris Eglājs, Director of International Affairs at Latvijas Pasts, notes that approaches to logistics solutions are constantly changing, influenced by various geopolitical considerations and prices on resources, as well as the epidemiological situation, etc.

“Air transport is not always the fastest way to get an item to its recipient. If the country of destination is not very far away, other modes of transport often out-compete air transport. The issue of the sustainability of the chosen transport is also becoming increasingly important: for example, in many countries, air transport is being replaced by rail deliveries. We, Latvijas Pasts, also analyse the conditions and adjust our services. The new service, which is a result of a close liaison with Printful, is clearly organised differently from other traditional postal item delivery services. The partners, the German Post, which deliver the item to the door of Printful’s customer, their performance and interest in cooperating also play an important role here. Thanks to the successful tripartite cooperation, we can be proud of the record-breaking delivery time,” A. Eglājs points out.

In the near future, Latvijas Pasts plans to offer the new personalised commercial item delivery service to other e-commerce companies, regardless of their size. The long-term goal of the company is to grow its competitiveness in the international market and offer its customers more and more new, modern services tailored to their needs.


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