Father’s Day postcards travel to their recipients: Holders of the names Jānis, Andris and Edgars in Riga, Liepāja and Jelgava receive most greetings


Father’s Day postcards travel to their recipients: Holders of the names Jānis, Andris and Edgars in Riga, Liepāja and Jelgava receive most greetings

Father’s Day postcards sent within the campaign organised by Latvijas Pasts and parents' organisation Mammamuntetiem.lv are now on their way to their addressees. Most Father’s Day greetings will be received by dads called Jānis, Andris and Edgars in Riga, Liepāja, Jelgava and Valmiera. The postcards which were filled in correctly on the website www.nosutipastkarti.lv during the campaign will be delivered to the addressees in the Republic of Latvia by Father's Day, which is celebrated in Latvia on the 11th of September this year.

Dads throughout Latvia will receive 10,000 greeting postcards as part of the Father’s Day postcard sending campaign this year. Most greetings, as every year, have been addressed to the holders of the most popular male name in Latvia, Jānis, – 811 postcards, followed by Andris by a significant margin, as last year, with 325 postcards and Edgars with 283 postcards. This year, 265 postcards have been addressed to dads called Māris, who were the third most popular recipients of postcards in the 2021 campaign. Holiday greetings in the form of postcards will also be received by dads called Juris – 252 postcards, Mārtiņš – 210 postcards, Aivars – 183 postcards, Artūrs – 145 postcards, Kaspars – 138 postcards, Valdis – 135 postcards and many other dads with various names.

Dads in Riga will receive 1,816 postcards, while outside the capital most postcards will go to Liepāja – 389 – and Jelgava where dads will get 332 postcards. 182 postcards will travel to Valmiera, 158 to Ventspils, 154 to Tukums, 147 to Ogre, 146 to Cēsis and Jēkabpils each, and 144 to Jūrmala. 

This is the eighth year in a row that Latvijas Pasts and the Latvian parents’ organisation Mammamuntetiem.lv called on everyone to greet dads with a special greeting on Father’s Day by logging in through their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts on the website www.nosutipastkarti.lv and sending one of the special design postcards. Postcards will be received in a timely manner by all recipients in the Republic of Latvia with the accurately specified address, including a correct postal code; otherwise, the postcard may travel longer to the recipient. In order to make sure that the postcode is correct, an address verification tool has been integrated into the postcard sending website.

By combining the old tradition of sending postcards with the possibilities offered by modern digital technology, Latvijas Pasts has been organising the postcard sending campaigns on social networks since 2011. The most popular of them are dedicated to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.


About SJSC Latvijas Pasts
Latvijas Pasts ensures the widest availability of postal services throughout Latvia by maintaining more than 600 post offices. The primary function of the company is provision of the universal postal service; Latvijas Pasts also provides commercial transport, express mail, payment, press subscription, retail and philatelic services. Latvijas Pasts is a wholly State-owned company with about 3,000 employees. The quality measurements of Latvijas Pasts domestic mail deliveries are regularly conducted by Kantar TNS, one of the leading market, social and media research agencies in Latvia. In turn, the quality measurements of the cross-border deliveries are provided within the framework of the International Post Corporation through the intermediary of the research companies Kantar TNS, Ipsos and Quotas.


About Mammamuntetiem.lv
The Latvian parents’ organisation Mammamuntetiem.lv is a social entrepreneur whose main activity is related to informing parents, educating them and representing parents’ interests. Holding events and campaigns aimed at strengthening family values is an important area of the organisation’s activities. One of the priorities of Mammamuntetiem.lv is to promote Father’s Day with the goal of encouraging the engagement of the father and the child in leisure activities together and increasing awareness in society on the importance of the father in the child’s life. For more information please visit www.tevadiena.lv.  


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