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Changes to the delivery of postal items to/from the United Kingdom as of 1 January 2021.

Dear customers!

Please be informed that, due to the exit of the United Kingdom (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) from the European Union, the following changes, which will take effect as of 1 January 2021, shall be taken into consideration:

Outgoing Consignments

  • The consignments to the United Kingdom may require longer processing and delivery time due to customs formalities.
  • The tariffs for the delivery of letter correspondence (consignments up to 2 kg) shall not be changed.
  • The tariffs for the delivery of packages shall not be changed, except for the packages weighing over 10 kg, where instead of 21% VAT rate, the VAT rate of 0% will be applied.

Incoming Consignments

The performance of relevant customs formalities will be required for the incoming consignments from the United Kingdom, by clearing the consignments and paying the taxes enforced by the state.

The conditions for the application of taxes and information on customs clearance is available from the State Revenue Service.

In effect as of 1 January 2021.

Value of goods of the consignment, EUR Commercial consignment (1) Non-commercial consignment (2)
  Application of the imports customs duty and/or VAT Application of the imports customs duty and/or VAT
Up to EUR 22 None None
From EUR 22.01 to EUR 45 VAT None
From EUR 45.01 to EUR 150 VAT VAT
Imports customs duty
More than EUR 150 VAT
Imports customs duty
Imports customs duty


  1. Commercial consignments – consignments that are mutually exchanged by merchants, that merchants are sending to natural persons or that natural persons are sending to other natural persons against remuneration. The aforementioned definition applies to the delivery of goods at on-line stores as well.
  2. Non-commercial consignments – consignments that are sent by a natural person to another natural person are released from imports customs duty if the value of the consignment does not exceed EUR 45. The consignment shall not be considered as a commercial, if it is not regular in nature, it contains goods for the personal use of the recipient only, and it is sent to the recipient without requesting a payment for the consignment.