Preparation of Postal Items

To ensure a precise and timely delivery of a postal item to its recipient, correct preparation and packing of the item is of great importance.


Writing an Address on Domestic Postal Items

The address on a postal item consists of several parts: street, house name or number, apartment number, city or village, parish, region, postal code. 
The address may include a PO box, and the item may be addressed to a post office to be delivered upon request.
Abbreviations used in addresses:
•    after the name of a parish – pag.
•    after the name of a region – nov.
•    no abbreviation is used after the name of a village

Writing an Address on International Postal Items

On international postal items, addresses are written with Roman letters and Arabic numerals, according to the reproduction of language of the country of delivery in Roman letters.
The name of the country shall be written in capital letters in the language of the country of delivery, in English or in French.
When mailing an item to the USA, all parts of the address shall be written in capital letters.

To ensure fast and precise delivery, prepare the postal item correctly:

  • write the recipient's address in the lower right part or the centre of the postal item (the side of the envelope without a fold-out edge)
  • specify the sender's address in the upper left part of the side of the envelope without a fold-out edge or the upper middle part of the side of the envelope with a fold-out edge
  • write the address clearly, without any corrections; the address may not be written with a pencil

To make preparing postal items more convenient, we offer you to use the preparation instructions with packaging samples that you can use on a daily basis: