Payment Account

We offer opening a payment account at a post office to make payments in an easy and secure way.


Having a payment account at a post office gives you the opportunity to easily carry out the following activities:

  • receive a salary, pension, benefits and other payments
  • make transactions to legal entities' and individuals' accounts in post offices and credit institutions both in Latvia and abroad.
  • deposit cash and withdraw it from your account
  • pay bills for rent, utilities and other services



Go to a post office, taking your passport or ID with you.

You can authorize another person to withdraw cash and make payments from your account.
To draw up an authorization letter, go to the post office, where your account has been opened, together with the person to be authorized, taking your passports or IDs and copies of these documents.


As of December 1, 2018, Latvijas Pasts changes Money transfers rates, continuing to provide customers with one of the lowest commission payments in the country.

Changes in tariffs will be applied to Postal account system accounts deposit and withdrawal payments in cash, payments in accounts with a payment card, transfers to a credit institution in cash, domestic and international money transfers.

Service Tariff (EUR) to 30.11.2018. Tariff (EUR) from 01.12.2018.

Cash deposit to the Account


- in your account

0,50 1% of the amount, min.1,00
- another person's account 1,50 2% of the amount, min.3,00
Payment by cash deposit to a credit institution in Latvia 1% of the amount, min. 2,50 1% of the amount, min. 3,00

Contribution to the account in Latvijas Pasts with a payment card

- in your account 2% of the amount, min. 0,85 2% of the amount, min. 1,00
Domestic money transfer 2,5% of the amount, min. 0,85 2,5% of the amount, min. 1,00
Cash withdrawal from physical person's PNS account 0,1% of the amount, min. 0,75 0,1% of the amount, min.  0,95

United service charge will be applied to cross-border money transfers regardless of the country:

Service Tariff (EUR) from 01.12.2018.
Cross-border money transfer 10% of the amount, min. 5,00

A new functionality for Payment account owners - to get notifications about incoming and outgoing transactions in an account by receiving a text message on your mobile phone!

Application for a service is free of charge.  An application form can be completed in any post office.

The service fee of  EUR 0.09 (including VAT) for each text message shall be applied starting from the third text message. The services fee  is automatically withdrawn from the payment  account at the time of execution of the service.

SMS service form and rules are available here.

For more information, please turn to any post office employee or  call to an informative phone 27008001, 67008001.