The Board of Latvijas Pasts



Beāte Krauze-Čebotare

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Education: Master’s degree in the Executive MBA programme from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Latvia, as well as the Latvian Banking Specialist's professional diploma from the IFS School of Finance.

B. Krauze-Čebotare is in charge of the company and its board team, and she also manages the parties involved. B. Krauze-Čebotare has gained significant experience in company management, having served as manager and board member of the item delivery company Omniva Latvija for six years. Prior to that, she spent 11 years with Swedbank AS, the last four of which she led the Cash Management Department, which is in charge of various types of cash flow management solutions for entrepreneurs.


Kristaps Krūmiņš

Member of the Board responsible for operations management, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Education: Bachelor of Business Economics degree from the University of Latvia, additional education in strategic management from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

K. Krūmiņš leads and supervises the effective and high-quality availability of material and technical support related to the operations of the company and its subsidiary companies in order to facilitate the implementation of the company’s strategy, as well as the achievement of its goals and performance milestones. Having joined Latvijas Pasts in 2007, K. Krūmiņš started his career as Deputy Head of the Personnel Planning Department and rose to the position of Member of the Board, which he has held since 2016. In recent years, as Member of the Board, he has been responsible for ensuring the continuity, quality and development of the largest structural units in terms of the number of employees – the post offices, the delivery (postmen) network, and the sorting and transportation of postal items.


Andris Puriņš 

Member of the Board responsible for financial management, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Education: Master of Science degree in Professional Accountancy from University of London, Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Certificate of Higher Education in Economics from the University of Southampton, a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA), UK.

In this role, the main responsibility of A. Puriņš is management of the company’s finances. Previously, A. Puriņš held the position of Director of the Financial Management Department at Latvijas Pasts and set up a unified financial department. In addition to overseeing financial and managerial accounting operations in the company, A. Puriņš ensured risk management and cooperation with banks, and was involved in procurement processes. A. Puriņš is also Member of the Supervisory Board at the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. He previously held the position of Chair of the Audit Committee at Augstsprieguma tīkls AS. Prior to that, A. Puriņš worked as associate director and project manager at KPMG Baltics SIA, and also held various positions related to financial management in several large Latvian companies.

Jānis Kūliņš

Member of the Board responsible for business development, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Education: Master's and bachelor's degrees in economics at the University of Latvia

J. Kūliņš is in charge of the revenues of the company, as well as the direction of development and sales of products and services. J. Kūliņš spent less than 17 years holding various leading positions in the pharmacy chain Apotheka - more than 13 years of them as executive director and 15 years as a member of the board.

A. Puriņš and K. Krūmiņš have been appointed to the board of Latvijas Pasta for a term of five years from January 9, 2023. J. Kūliņš has been appointed to the board of Latvijas Pasta with a term of office for five years from September 7, 2023.

Board members' remuneration:

The remuneration of the board members of VAS "Latvijas Pasts" is determined on the basis of the Law on the Management of Capital Shares and Capital Companies of a Public Person and Regulation No. 63 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated February 4, 2020 "Regulations on the number of members of the board and council of a public person's capital company and public-private capital companies, as also to the requirements of the maximum amount of the monthly remuneration of board and council members", as well as to the "Guidelines for determining the remuneration of board and council members of public private capital companies and public private capital companies" of the Interdepartmental Coordination Center.

Taking into account that according to the aforementioned regulatory enactments, VAS "Latvijas Pasts" can be divided into the group of large capital companies, by the decision of the council, the monthly remuneration of the chairman of the board of JSC "Latvijas Pasts" is set at EUR 10,225, and the monthly remuneration of the members of the board is set at EUR 9,202.