Latvijas Pasts and Latvijas Sakaru darbinieku arodbiedrība PRO sign a new Collective Labour Agreement


Latvijas Pasts and Latvijas Sakaru darbinieku arodbiedrība PRO sign a new Collective Labour Agreement

On the 26th of April 2024, Beāte Krauze-Čebotare, Chairwoman of the Board of Latvijas Pasts, and Irēna Liepiņa, President of Latvijas Sakaru darbinieku arodbiedrība PRO, signed a new Collective Labour Agreement of Latvijas Pasts. The agreement between the employer and the employees’ trade union sets forth the rights and obligations of both parties, fostering a harmonious and efficient working environment for the employees. Simultaneously with the signing of the Collective Labour Agreement, the parties also executed a memorandum on postal skills. This memorandum seeks to enhance the professional competencies of postal personnel, facilitate their career advancement, and contribute to the progress of Latvijas Pasts.

“The signing of the collective agreement is indicative of the company’s quality mark. It demonstrates that Latvijas Pasts is a socially responsible employer that creates competitive working conditions. The Ministry will continue to support such constructive relations between trade unions and employers, as it is a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved,” Kaspars Briškens, Minister of Transport, emphasises.

“The well-being of Latvijas Pasts employees is our priority, as their dedication directly impacts the company's growth, accomplishments and positive customer experience. We are a socially responsible employer that cares about the welfare of its employees. We express our gratitude to the management of the trade union for the constructive dialogue and input during the negotiations, because the signing of the collective agreement is a step towards a strong social partnership that will bring benefits to the employees, the company and the trade union,” Beāte Krauze-Čebotare, Chairwoman of the Board of Latvijas Pasts, points outadding that even without a collective agreement, Latvijas Pasts takes care of its employees within the limits of financial resources; nonetheless, the collective agreement demonstrates the company’s determination to provide the employees with a more stable and safer future in labour relations.

"Latvijas Sakaru darbinieku arodbiedrība PRO believes that a collective agreement is the foundation of successful work, a quality mark of the workplace and the result of a good social dialogue. In the future, 80% of employees in Latvia and the European Union will work under a collective agreement, which requires the company to enter into a collective agreement with a trade union. Therefore, Latvijas Pasts is a leader and a positive example in the postal and logistics industries, as it is the only company that has signed a collective agreement with a trade union. Latvijas Pasts is a socially responsible company that provides the universal postal service throughout Latvia and is trusted by both employees and residents. The biggest thanks go to the management of Latvijas Pasts and Beāte Krauze-Čebotare personally for their farsightedness and investment in improving the skills and well-being of Latvijas Pasts employees. In fact, a decade’s worth of work has been accomplished in two months. That’s fantastic! We want to maximize investment in Latvijas Pasts employees, starting with improving skills for more productive work and the growth of the employees and the company, because we believe that what goes around, comes around,” Irēna Liepiņa, President of Latvijas Sakaru darbinieku arodbiedrība PROsays and adds Latvijas Sakaru darbinieku arodbiedrība PRO supports the campaign "Only companies that have signed a collective agreement with a trade union win public procurements". President of the trade union is advocating for additional benefits to be extended to companies that have a collective agreement.

Latvijas Pasts employs around 2,300 people. Latvijas Pasts provides employees with health and accident insurance, various benefits, additional paid time off in special cases and other perks. The new Collective Labour Agreement is also binding on LLC Mailmaster, a subsidiary of Latvijas Pasts.


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