A campaign explaining how to receive postal services at home


A campaign explaining how to receive postal services at home

Latvijas Pasts has launched an informative campaign Pastnieks mājās aimed at educating the public on how to receive postal and financial services from the comfort of their own homes.

Pastnieks mājās is a secure, convenient, and advantageous service that Latvijas Pasts now offers free of charge to all residents who live outside state cities and administrative centres of municipalities. This means that in the mentioned areas, customers can request a free postman’s visit to their home, regardless of how close they live to the post office.

The national postal operator also emphasises that people can receive the same services at home as are available at the post office.

“Assessing people's habits, we are diversifying the points of contact with customers. As a result, we are expanding the options for receiving postal services including through a parcel locker, at a post office or at the place of residence. Pastnieks mājās offers a convenient solution for customers, particularly seniors and those in the regions, to send or receive postal items, pay bills, subscribe to the press, and perform other transactions,” Jānis Kūliņš, Member of the Board of Latvijas Pasts, points out.

As part of the information campaign Pastnieks mājās, Latvijas Pasts aims to provide explanations in simple language about the availability of the service and address any inquiries regarding the options for receiving postal and financial services at home.

The campaign materials will be displayed on television, radio, outdoor facilities outside the Riga region, including post offices, and also on the company’s social networks. An information booklet has been prepared and will be distributed in regional libraries, state and local government unified customer service centres and other locations.

Pastnieks mājās offers the same services that are available at the post office: sending and receiving postal items, subscription to the press, financial services, including money transfers, payment of utility and other bills, as well as sale of stamps, envelopes, and postcards. Postal services provided by the postman at the place of residence are just as cost-effective as those provided at post offices, while financial services are available at the rates mentioned in the service price list.

The service Pastnieks mājās can be requested both on weekdays and on weekends: 8 AM–8 PM Mon–Fri and 9 AM–5 PM Sat, Sun by calling the customer support phone number: +371 27008001 or by writing to the e-mail address: info@pasts.lv. A call from a mobile phone to the customer support line is free. The postman will arrive on the next business day, or within one to three business days if financial services are required. Those living in state cities and centres of municipalities can request a home visit from the postman for EUR 4.99.


About SJSC Latvijas Pasts
Latvijas Pasts is a state-owned company that operates in the fields of postal services, logistics and financial services. The company specialises in domestic and international deliveries, ranging from e-commerce and parcels to press, letter-post items and personalised logistics solutions. Latvijas Pasts provides services to both private individuals and business customers, utilising reliable air, water and land transit connections. The national postal operator employs approximately 2,300 people on its team.

Latvijas Pasts takes care of the customer experience at more than 600 post offices across the country. The company is consistently introducing innovations and modern technologies, developing the country’s largest parcel machine coverage in 400 locations. The vision of Latvijas Pasts is to become the first choice of every Latvian resident for mail service.


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